Danielle Ponder presents a captivating multi-media performance,” For the Love of Justice.”  Ponder, a public defender by day and musician by night, takes the audience on a journey  through the places and experiences that have inspired her work as a storyteller on stage and in the courthouse.

The concert will touch on themes of feminism, criminal justice, personal liberation, and racial justice. Ponder explores how three forms of love have been the anchoring theme in her music. Whether it be love for yourself, love for others or the kind of love that propels you forward toward revolution. In love we find the strength to shift and transform, lift and climb.  Ponder’s vocals soar like the spirit of gospel greats before her backed by the soulful groove of her talented band .  The talented videography of Adrian Elim and Ajani Jefferies adds a stunning backdrop and creates a truly multi-sensory experience.

When we are open to love we are in tune with the frequency of justice.

****Show Reviews****

"Danielle – the afternoon event was great. Your ability to involve the students and draw out their voices on such important issues really was brilliant.

The evening performance was so impactful and uplifting. I know you stirred up a lot of emotion and critical thinking in the audience, and the visual portion added so much to your beautiful vocals,  and an otherwise already engaging show."

- Dr. Karen Stote 

 Assistant Professor Women and Gender Studies

Wilfried Laurier University, Ontario Canada

"Thank you so much for presenting your extraordinary keynote talk and concert at Nazareth College as our keynote speaker for the Women & Gender Studies 2017 Spring Symposium on Displacing Citizenships. Your presentations and dedicated energies in support of students and faculty within and beyond the Women & Gender Studies Program will always remain as unique and memorable curricular and co-curricular contributions in promoting diversity and inclusion at Nazareth College."